Born Out Of Necessity

BestBetMedia was literally born of out necessity. There were products and services out there on the market that sort of met our needs, but not fully. It was at that point that we coded our first PHP/MySQL application to fill a void in the market.

After that, it became one thing after another. Dedicated hosting plans were expensive, as well as the server support, so we did something about it. The same for application development and so on. At that point, our business consisted of basically, two people.

We sat down and brainstormed a business plan and decided that we didn’t need to do everything, just those things we knew how to do well. Out came BestBetMedia.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best products at the best price, and over-deliver at the same time. So, whatever your need, if it falls within our circle of what we do well, you can count on receiving the best possible product or service.

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– Sales Team

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